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Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple Singapore - Famous Lord Ganesha / Vinayaka Temple In Singapore

Sri Layan Sithivinayagar:

Lord Ganesh,the remover of obstacles is worshiped worldwide by the Hindus.Sri Layan Sithivinayagar temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh is situated in the busy commercial area of Singapore.It is located in the midst of Chinatown at the junction of Keong Saik Road and Kreta Ayer Road.This beautiful temple was built in the year 1925 by the Nagarathars (Chettiyar community of south Tamilnadu).


The history of the temple is interesting.A Saivaite from Chidambaram town in Tamilnadu named Thiru.Ponnambala Swamigal came to Singapore as a soldier with the Indian National Army.He was a family man.He brought a Vinaygar idol with him for his personal worship.When the time came to return to India he did not intend to bring back the idol to India.Hence he handed over the idol to the Nagarathars living in Singapore.The Nagarathars not able to decline Swami's request,Nagarathars built the temple and installed the Vinayagar idol.In 1920,Nagarathars bought the current land where the temple is built.During the construction of the temple,Nagarathars found the idol in dilapidated condition.So,they decided to install a new black stone Vinayagar idol from India.But some Nagarathars doesn't want to breach of the promise made Swamigal decided to install the new black stone idol as main deity and at the same time the old idol was installed in front of the main deity sanctum.They also installed the Holy spear Symbolizing Lord Muruga.


Sri Layan Sithivinayagar temple dedicated to Lord Vinayagar has its Sanctum with three Vinayagars,the Holy Spear(Vel),Naagar and Rama Naamam.The unique feature of the temple is the Silver chariot.Nagarathars started the practice of Silver chariot procession adorning Urchavar Sri Thendayudhapani to Sri Layan Sithivinayagar temple on day before Thaipusam.Between Thursday to Sunday every week,the worshipers make 108 circumambulate the temple to fulfill their vows includes devotees from different races.The temple also has a multipurpose hall for conducting marriages and other functions.


Vinayagar Chathurthi is grandly celebrated in the temple.And also the Thaipusam festival is celebrated by taking the Holy spear in procession to Tank Road Sri Thendayudhapani temple.Milk offered to Lord Murugan on Thaipusam day is poured on the Holy Spear.Tamil & English New year,Deepavali,Pongal festivals are also celebrated here.Regular archanai,Sahasranama archanai,Ganapathi homam are the special prayers of the temple.


Sri Layan Sithivinayagar Temple,
73 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089167. 0065-62214853
Timings:6:30am - 12 noon & 4pm - 8:30pm.

How to reach:

By MRT -Outram Park MRT (NE3/EW16)- Exit H.
Also taxis are available to reach the temple.

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