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Adi Annamalai Temple - The Sacred & Ancient Shiva Temple At Tiruvannamalai

Adi Annamali (Aadhi Arunachaleshwarar Temple / The ancient temple) temple is one of the ancient and sacred temple which might seems to be sidelined in the name of fame, but the fulfillment of worshiping the supreme Lord Shiva can't be described in words. During pournami /purnima this temple receives 50000 visitors a day compared to the 500000 visitors of Annamalaiyar Temple, Tiruvannamalai. This is smaller in size compared to the 25 acre Annamalaiyar temple. Famouse sage Ramana Maharshi used to camp at this beautiful temple for about 2 to 3 nights when he during his times of Girivala walk.

Adi Annamalai Temple Photo

Temple History

The legend of this temple recounts that Lord Brahma, after his dispute with Lord Maha Vishnu regarding the fiery column, he made a lingam &went to the northwest side of the Arunachala Hill to establish Adi Annamalai temple in the village of Adi Annamalai to worship Lord Shiva.

Adi Annamalai Temple Inside(Interior) Images

A case of controversy arose between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, as who was greater among them.  It turned into a heated argument. Lord Shiva saw this & he was filled with compassion. In order to settle this and subdue their pride, the Almighty appeared before them like a form of blazing vertical line of light and asking them to seek its upper and lower saturation points. He who found either of these to sides is the supreme one. Both the gods stopped fighting & they decided to explore one of the ends. Lord Brahma took the form of a swan and flew hight in order to reach the top side of the light, whereas Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar and started burrowing the earth to find the bottom column of the light

Years passed, Lord Vishnu dug too deep into nether worlds & the journey seemed to be endless. With all his power, Lord Vishnu wasn't able to discover the base and in turn he got lost in meditation, as a result he experienced the Supreme Light that dwells in the hearts of everyone. He realized and recognized that his true power was derived from the Supreme Light, that is Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord  Shiva seeking His pardon and later he returned to earth. Lord Brahma who flew as a swan & was mounting the sky, the column of light, rose higher than him. When he was about to return, he saw a flower called Ketaki (screw-pine) falling towards the earth. Upon asking the flower, the flower told that it came from the top of the fire column that was none other than Lord Shiva & told that it had been flying down for thousands of the four-fold Yugas. Lord Brahma requested the flower to pretend and say that both Lord Brahma and the flower came down after seeing the crest. Upon then,  the flower swore to Lord Vishnu in the presence of the Column of blazing light that "Lord Brahma has reach the summit".

Temple Tower

From the column of Light, Lord Shiva appeared before Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. When Lord Vishnu saw him, he danced with happiness and joy. But the guilty Lord Brahma when saw the  Lord’s true nature was confused and he was frightened. Parameshwara said, "Both of you need not to be ashamed for having transcended your sacred limits. Vishnu pondered deeply and thus he became enlightened. Brahma has uttered falsehood(lie) & now, I am going to cut off his fifth head for that mistake. Brahma shall not be installed in any Temple hereafter . And coming to this flower, which acted as false witness, shall never again find a place on my head and shall be prohibited in my worship." On cursing Lord Brahma and flower thus, Lord Shiva turned to Lord Vishnu and said, 

"Child! Be composed, I am pleased with you. You are one of my foremost devotees. You originated from me and are my sattwic part. At the end of the kalpa you shall merge in me."
 Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva to accept there forever as a Tejo Lingam. In responding to their wholehearty request, Lord established himself as the Arunachala Hill and also as a Shiva Lingam at the eastern foot of the Hill for the goodness and welfare of the world & for everyone who desire to worship the Lord & acquire illumination.

Poojas And Rituals

Opening And Closing Timings

Temple Timings:

7 AM to 12 Noon
4:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

How To Reach: 

The temple can be reached from Tiruvannamalai city center by an auto or taxi in 15 minutes. It is in the path of Girivala, you should take a turn when you see the temple sign board during the 14 kilometer walk.

By Bus: 
Tiruvannamalai bus stand.terminus is the near by bus stand.

By Train:
Nearest Railways station, Tiruvannamalai

By Air:
Nearest Airports Tiruchirapalli and Chennai.

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