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Why You Should Go For Girivalam At Least Once In Your Life | Things To Do In Girivalam, Tiruvannamalai

Girivalam is one of the the important part of worshiping Annamalaiyar in Tiruvannamalai Sivan (Shiva) Temple. Millions and millions of devotees reaches Annamalaiyar temple every year to seek the blessings of the Almighty, Lord Shiva. Believe me, when you trust him he never leaves you.

Tiruvannamalai Shiva Temple | Annamalaiyar Temple

The most vibrating and crowded Girivilam is during Pournami (Purnima). Thousands and thousands of people will gather at Tiruvannamalai for Girivalam. It is about 15 to 16 kilometers walk around the holy Arunachala hill. By doing this Girivalam with clear mind, you will attain all the soulful benefits in life. If you are a peace lover you can go Girivalam on non festival days, but at least go for one Girivalam during Pournami.

There is a famous saying in Tamil regarding Girivalam "Ammavasaila pona arul kidaikum, Pournamila pona porul kidaikum". It says that if you go Girivalam during Ammavasai (Amavasya) you will get the blessings and in Pournami you will get all the necessities during this life journey.

The Holy Arunachala Hill

Personally, I felt Girivilam as addictive. I went one time and I am keep on going at regular intervals. I felt that the divine grace of Lord Shiva is responsible for all. Once you started surrendering to him with love and clear mind, he will take care of the rest of the things. Many foreigners are also seen walking Girivalam daily with pure dedication towards the Supreme Lord Shiva.

8 Lingams of Girivalam, Tiruvannamalai

Indra Lingam (East)

This is the first Lingam in the path of Girivalam locates in east of Arunachala hill. You can get healthy and wealthy life by worshiping here.

Agni Lingam (South East)

 The only Lingam that is placed on the right side of the Girivalam path. Praying with clear mind will help you get rid of any kind of diseases.

Yema Lingam (South)

 Located on the south of the Arunachala hill, has a tank called "SimmaTheertham" which believed to be solving all your economic problems when you worship here.

Niruthi Lingam (South West)

 In south west of the Arunachala hill, this Lingam temple has a holy tank called "Sani Theertham"which saves you from all difficulties in life.

Varuna Lingam  (West)

Located on the west of the holy hill, has a tank called "Varuna Theertham", helps you to get rid of diseases and promotes your social statuses.

Vayu Lingam (North West)

One of the important aspects of the living beings survival in the world is Vayu (air). This temple grants boons to ladies and kids. This place gives you a peace of mind.

Kubera Lingam (North)

People who worships here attains prosperous economical growth. This temple promotes peace of mind to the devotees.

Esanya Lingam (North East)

The final Lingam in the journey of Girivalam, helping devotees in getting their mind focused and makes out his way to the heaven.

Ashrams To Visit During Girivalam

Ramanasramam (Sri Ramana Ashram)

The place where the holy sage Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi lived most of his year before he left his body. The abode of peace. Peacocks, Monkeys and Dogs gives you the perception that how peaceful and magnetic this Ashram is.  Never miss the chance spend some time for meditation in this world famous Ashram of the great sage of modern world.

Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram

One of the famous sages who lived in Tiruvannamalai. There are many ardent devotees of Sri Seshadri Swamigal pays regular visits to this place,. Never miss a chance to do meditation here. I have personally felt the positive and powerful vibes here. His disciple saint mother Umadevi is also worshiped along with him in this ashram.

There are also several other Jeeva Samadhis and Ashrams & hundreds of temples of different Gods along the way of the Girivalam. Please try to spend more time during this beautiful journey and make the most of it.

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