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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Unbelievable Facts and Scientific Reason behind the construction of Temple Towers(Gopurams) | Temple Gopurams - Good Lightning conductor before the invention of modern lightning conductor

In earlier Life, all the temples in south India (Especially Tamil Nadu) have very large Temple Towers (GOPURAM in Tamil), in the entrance of Temples, 
Before going through the reasons, first the Gopuram contains Pots (Kalasam in tamil) above the tip. The Pots (Kalasams) are made up of metals such as Gold,Silver, Bronze or Mixture of Five different Metals. And the Kalasam is filled with Nine Grains such as Rice,Salt,Raghi, Millet, Corn.

Now, Believe it or Not !!!

Our elder generation people or great scientist.. Yeah, There is scientific reason behind with this Gopurams(Temple towers).
Generally, Metals are good conductor, so they will conduct lightnings during storms by protecting the entire village. 
We know that there will be "KUMBAABISHEKHAM" (Kudamuzhuku in Tradational Tamil), All the grains filled in the pot will loses their power in 12 years. therefore Kumbhabishekham is conducted to replace old grains.

Moreover, the absorbed lightnings are directly passes to the "God Statue" placed vertically to the Temple tower(Gopuram), now the Milk, Ghee and fruits are used to clean the God Statue. Later these items are given to devotes to eat. It will give health benefits to Human.

Also the temple kept dark, It gives relief from metal disturbances. 

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