Goddess Sita Images | Mata Sita Devi Photos And HD Wallpapers

Goddess Sita the divine and lovable mother of every one who seeks her blessings. She is also called as Matha Sita Devi or Maa Sita. She loved and was loyal to Lord Ram and they both are perfect role models to all couples. Their sons are Lava and Kusa (Luv Kush). Please scroll down for the images, photos and HD wallpapers of Mata Sita Devi.

Goddess Sita Devi With Lord Ram (Rama)

Lord Hanuman Worshiping Sita Maa 
Sita Devi With Lava And Kusa (Lav Kush or Lava Kusha)

Goddess Sita With Her Sons 
Lord Rama And Mata Sita Devi

Matha Sita Devi With Lava Kusa

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