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Vilakkoli Perumal Temple | Thooppul Perumal Temple - Tiruththanka, Kanchipuram

Vilakkoli Perumal | Deepa Prakasa Perumal Temple – Kancheepuram

Even for those who visit Kancheepuram often, a few temples are new. This is because the land is surrounded by temples, a fortunate fact. One of the lesser known temples for the majority is Vilakkoli Perumal temple, or Deepa Prakasa Perumal temple located in Thooppul, Thiruthanka. Mangalasasanam had been done in this temple by Thirumangai Azhwar. This is one of the 108 Divya Desam temples of Lord Vishnu. 

Architecture & Shrines

The temple has shrines for Goddess Lakshmi, A
ndal, Lord Hayagreeva, and the Azhwars. This temple is thronged by devotees who want a progeny, and also by people who wish to shine in education. When the wishes are fulfilled, Thirumanjanam is done to the God and Goddess by the devotees.

History & Singnificance

Thoopul is the name in olden days for this temple. This is because Dharba grass was very dense here that this place looked like a forest. This is where Lord Vishnu offered his darshan to Goddess Saraswathi. This is where Vedanta Maha Desika was born. This great saint himself was a boon to his mother from Deepa Prakasa Perumal. She had prayed for a child that would sing his praises to Lord Venkatesa of Tirupati. The delighted God, asked the bell in his hand to be born as her child. This is why there is no usage of bell in the temple of Tirupati till this day. Saint Vedanta Maha Desika was born in 1268, and lived till 1369, which means he lived to cross 100 years, a rare bliss. He was a great scholar, and had unfathomable knowledge in scriptures. He translated numerous works from Sanskrit to Tamil. He worshipped Lord Lakshmi Hayagreeva, and the idol is present in the temple till date. There is also a shrine for Saint Vedanta Maha Desika here. It is also said, his son completed the construction of this temple.


The story behind the temple is quite interesting. Lord Brahma was cursed by Lord Shiva that there would be no temple for him in Earth. So Lord Brahma conducted a yagna and called all the Gods and Goddesses. However, he didn’t count in Goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and his own wife. Enraged Saraswathi cursed that there would be no light for this yagna. When Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Vishnu, he appeared in the form of light or the Jothi form. Thus Lord Brahma conducted the yagna,  with the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Hence Lord Vishnu got the name Deepa Prakasa, the one who shone as light, and rendering the same meaning named Vilakkoli Perumal in Tamil. He also helped reuniting Goddess Saraswathi with God Brahma.
During the month of Vaikasi, between May to June, the event of Lord Vishnu granting his darshan to Vedanta Desika is grandly celebrated here. 

Temple Timings

The temple is open from 7 AM to 10 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM. 

How To Reach

It is easy to reach this temple from Varadharjar temple in Vishnu Kanchi. When wishes are fulfilled devotees offer Vastras, or clothing to the God and Goddesses here.  

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Thepperumanallur Vedanta Nayaki Sametha Viswanathar Temple | Thepperumanallur Shiva Temple

About Thepperumanallur Shiva Temple

Theperumanallur Vedanta Nayaki Sametha Viswanathar Temple aka Theperumanallur Shiva Temple was in news a quite a few years ago. A cobra was seen plucking Bilva leaves from the tree in the temple, and performing archana to the Linga before solar eclipse. There are lots of video footages in the internet giving the entire picture. Let us take a look at this temple, where this miracle has happened.

Architecture And Speciality

Thepperumanallur is close to Thirunageswaram, Kumbakonam. The Lord here is covered with Rudraksha Kavach and the archana is done with Rudrakshas only. The Rudrakshas used are from 1 faced to 12 faced. Hence the Lord is called Rudreshwarar. The temple is said to be even more powerful, than the 12 Jyotirlingas . In fact, it is said, the Lord here has all the powers of the 12 Jyotirlingas compiled here, making this place very unique. Another important feature is the idol of Dakshinamurthy. It is said that the Dakshinamurthy here is very powerful, even compared with the Lord in Alangudi, the place devotees flock to get relieved from the adverse effects of Jupiter.

The temple is seen in a very small complex, where there are shrines for Lord Ganesha, Muruga and navagrahas. The temple is known for bestowing children for the devotees and removing doshas of Rahu and Kethu. This ancient temple is now seen in a condition that can worry the devotees.

Cobra Doing Puja Event

However, it has seemed to gained some popularity with the cobra doing puja. This happened in 2015 January, and pictures clearly show the snake plucking the leaves, carrying it in the mouth, and then offering it to the god. The temple also is a place to get rid of generations of birth.

How To Reach

It is close to Thirunageswaram and Uppiliappan temple. You can also get down at the next station from Kumbakonam via Mayiladuthurai route. There are many autos that can take you to this temple.

Temple Timings

The temple is open from 6 AM to 12 Noon, and 4 PM to 8 PM

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple Bangalore | About, How To Reach, Specialty and Advise / Tips To Visit Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple


Near Bangalore/Bengaluru, Tumkur is a popular town. 19 Km from Tumkur is the mountain peak of Shivagange. This is where Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple is situated. On the steep rock, Nandi sculpture is carved, and this is the first thing you will be astonished to see here. But there are much more about this temple. Without beating the bush, let me get into the details the awe striking fact about this temple. The ablution performed here is the miracle. When the devotees offer ghee to the priest for ablution on the Shiva Linga, it is applied on the Linga, and after ablution is performed, the ghee turns to be the butter! Yes, it is true. Ghee is actually formed when butter is heated. But here the process happens in reverse and there is no answer for the question how. And this keeps happening for over 1600 years.

Shape of The Hill

The shape of the hill is itself like a Shiva Linga, and with many other temples closely present, this temple is called as Dakshina Kashi. Kanva Theertha, Agasthya Tirtha, Pathala Ganga, Kapila theertha are few of the springs found here. Sharadamba Temple, Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple and Sri Honnadevi temple are found close to this temple.


This temple is one of the enchanting spiritual places of India. It is a best spot to trek too. The scenic beauty blows the mind, and the Nandi sculpture offers best view of the mountains around. There are caves of Shiva and Parvati in the temple complex, that truly stand out and a clear picture of the extraordinary architecture of this temple.


The Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple has low roofs, and only 2 ghee lamps are lit here. There are no other sources of light. The highest point of the hill is where the Nandi statue is located, and you will be wondering how such a big statue was sculpture in the steepest point.

How To Reach

This place is quite easy to reach from Bangalore.  You can take buses/Cabs to Tumkur and from there you can reach this temple.

Tips and Advise To Reach The Temple

It has to be kept in mind that the hills and steps are slippery when it rains. In summer, it is too hot to climb the hills. The ideal time to visit this temple is during winter. You can also have the breathtaking view of the mountain with less efforts during this time. There are monkeys everywhere, you need to be careful. The hills are best climbed and got down before sun set. 

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Eating Habits When Visiting A Hindu Temple

Foods To Have When Visiting A Hindu Temple?

Entering into a temple is always filled with a list of dos and don’ts. For the young minds, though they believe in God, these restrictions and instructions can be irksome. Why do you need to stick to them? Are they really relevant? Questions are to be answered, and there is no need to be a blind follower. One of the best things about Hinduism is that it encourages to question,  buoys up to find answers.

Why You Shouldn't Eat Non-Vegetarian Foods While Visiting A Temple?

One of the major question that would rag your brains is that why one should not take non-vegetarian foods while going to a temple. A temple is not a mere campus where you find the Gods, Goddesses, their Parivara Devatas, Vahanas and lot more waiting to bless you. If you can observe, a few things are same in most of the temples. Lord Bhairava is positioned in a specific direction, and so is Lord Dakshinamurthy. This is because there are power points in a temple campus.

The Sanctum Sanctorum is where the vibration from the atmosphere is gathered, and passed to the public who enter. This is why it is less illuminated, and congested. The energy flow is concentrated here, and the Presiding Deity gathers all vibrations. When hymns are sung and mantras are chanted, they are further enhanced. Augmented energy is distributed with all the things you get here , right from Holy Ash, Vermillion, Flowers and water.

This is why it is said, you should not wash your feet, or take bath when you come home from  any temple. The ground has its own energy, and in a temple, the energy is augmented. Your feet has chakras that can store this energy for a while, and slowly send it all over the body. Washing off can remove the positive vibes.

Why Sattvic Food?

Now, coming to the foods, the foods are generally categorized as Sattvic, Rajas and Tamas foods. Foods that can be easily digested and do not any harm to the body fall into the first category. Non-vegetarian foods are not certain part of this. Anybody would know it takes a longer time for the non-vegetarian foods to be digested. Also, they can trigger emotions not suited for a  spiritual quest.  It is also said that when animals are slaughtered, their emotions are transferred to the eater. So, the scared emotions can affect the one who eats the animals. This certainly can affect your aura, which is definitely is not recommended when entering into the temple.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Mayuranathar Temple Mayiladuthurai | Temple For Dhanusu Rasi/ Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius People

Mayiladuthurai Mayuranathar Temple

A bit far from the Cauvery river is the Mayuranathar temple, Mayiladuthurai.  The temple is the abode of God Shiva, who is present here as a self-manifested lingam. The temple gets the name because Goddess Parvathi worshipped the lord here in the form of a peacock. Mayura means the peacock. The temple is vast and occupies 350000 square feet area, with its 9 tiered gopuram, which is of 165 feet high. When goddess Paravati persuaded to go to the yagna, her father Daksha conducted, she was insulted and so was her husband, God Shiva. So she took a form of a peacock and worshipped the Lord here. Also, you can find Tiruppariyalur Veerattam, where it is believed that the yagna was conducted by Daksha is found close to this temple, just 8 KM off. Another interesting fact is that there are 7 temples for the Sapta Matrikas, and this is one of them. All the other temples are also present very closely.

Architecture And Shrines

 Aadhi Mayuranathar has a separate shrine, and Goddess Parvati is seen here in the form of peacock worshipping him. Lord Muruga here is praised by Arunagirinathar in his hymns. While in rest of the temples, Lord Muruga receives his weapon, the Vel from his mother Parvati during Kandasashti, He receives here from Shiva. There is a shrine where Lord and His consort are both in the form of peacock. The evening prayers are first offered to Lord Nataraj.

The Linga here is facing west and is always dressed in red saree. This is to denote that the God and Goddess are one and the same. A rare form of Durga is seen here. She is seen with her foot on a demon, and 2 other demons on her side. There is a shrine where Lord Vishnu is seen worshipping Lord Shiva.

The shrine of Kudhambai Siddhar is also present here. There is a shrine for Kanakkadi Vinayakar, who is often prayed by devotees to take care of their accounts.

History / Story

The Mudvan Muzhukku theory started from this temple. When Nadha Sharma and his wife set on the pilgrimage to this temple to take bath in Cauvery for Thula Sthanam, they couldn’t make it. Thula month or Aippasi falls between mid of October to mid of November. The couple had reached only after 30 days of this month completed. Crestfallen, they worshipped Lord Shiva here, and he asked them to take bath in Cauvery before sunrise, and assured they will get complete benefit of Thula Sthanam. The same belief goes till now, as the Lord froze time for his devotees here. Devotees take bath on Karthigai first here.


All the days of Aippasi, the Utsavar is taken to the banks to Cauvery and the Brahmotsavam festival is during Vaikasi, the Tamil month that falls during March and April.

How To Reach

This is the temple for the people born under the sign Dhanusu Rasi/ Dhanu Rashi/ Sagittarius. Reaching  here from Kumbakonam and Thanjavur is easy. and These places are connected with buses plying from all major cities.

Temple Timings

The temple is open from 7 Am to 12 noon, and 4 PM to 8 PM.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Srivanchiyam Vanchinatha Swamy Temple | Vanchinadha Swamy Temple For Leo Rashi/ Simma Rasi People


Various temples have set of practices that can vary a little bit. In certain cases, it can be a striking difference like in the case of Srivanchiyam Vanchinatha Swamy temple. This temple has its theerthavari on the 2 nd day of the Brahmotsavam, the yearly festival. In the rest of the temples, it is the mark of the end of the celebrations. This is an ancient and huge temple, which has to be often visited and worshipped by the people born under Simha or Leo constellation. The festival happens during Maasi Tamil month, which is during mid of February to mid of March every year. The final day pujas are dedicated to Lord Muruga. The Simha or Leo natives can find their problems going off with ease, when you visit this temple.


The history of the temple dates back to Kretha Yuga, and the architecture confirms its existence during the Chozhas. The huge temple is between Puttar and Mudikondan rivers. This temple is a granite structure that is one of the 6 sacred Shaivaite temples. Visiting any of these is considered equivalent to visiting Kashi. In fact, Sri Vanchiyam is considered important of all. The other 5 temples are Thiruvenkadu, Thiruvayaru, Thiru Mayuram (Mayiladuthurai), Thiru Vidaimarathur and Chaaya Vanam.

Interesting Fact

The temple has separate shrines for Yama and Chitragupta. Once Yama, the God of Death was worried that he is incurring the sins because of taking care of mortality of all the human beings. When he had to take the life of Markandeya, the Siranjevee, meaning the immortal, he was defeated by Lord Shiva at Thirukadaiyur. So, he came to Srivanchiyam to do a penance. When God Shiva appeared before him, Yama asked for a boon, which is to cast off the fear of death for who visit and worship Srivanchiyam Vanchinatha Swamy temple. For such noble thoughts, Yama gets importance here. Also, Yama wanted to be the vahana of God Shiva, which the God fulfilled in Kodikkaval.

Architecture And Shrines

This occasion took place on the star of Barani in the month of Maasi. Bhairava, the who is seen with the dog always, here is in the posture of doing meditation and there is no vahana here. Mahishasura Mardini here, stands on one foot, while her other foot is rested on the shoulders of the asura. It is said that doing prayers to Mahishasura Mardini here can keep off evil eye and witchcraft issues here. Arunagirinathar too worshipped Lord Muruga here. A separate shrine for Rahu and Ketu is seen here, where these planets are carved in a single stone. The temple is considered as sacred as Kashi.

How To Reach

This temple is 16 KM far from Thiruvarur, and can be reached via the Nachiyar Koil Highway. From Kumbakonam to Nannilam highway, this temple is just 2 KM far.

Temple Timings

The temple is open from 6 AM to 10:30 AM, and 4 PM to 8 PM.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Ekambareswarar Temple | Temple For Vrischika/Viruchigam Rasi People - Kanchipuram Ekambareswarar


One of the Pancha Bootha Sthalam of Lord Shiva is the Ekambareswarar temple in Kanchipuram, the temple town of Tamilnadu. This temple is for the element of Earth. (Thiruvannamalai for Fire, Thiruvanaikal for Water, Kalahasti for Air and Chidambaram for Space are the rest). A very huge temple complex welcomes the devotees with a  very huge Nandi.


The history of  the temple dates back to 600 A.D. Goddess Parvathi as no separate shrine here as in other Shiva temples. But there is the Mavadi. This is a Mango tree where the Goddess prayed and did a penance to marry Lord Shiva. It is said to test her devotion Lord Shiva set the tree on fire, and She sought help of her brother Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took off the moon from  Lord Shiva which cooled the Goddess and the tree. Goddess here made a Linga from the sand and united with him here.

When the river Vegavathi flowed fast threatening to immerse the Shiva Linga, Goddess Parvathi hugged the Linga and Lord Shiva was pacified and stopped testing her. Hence the Linga is named, Thazhuva Kuzhanthai Nathar, which means Lord who melted with the embrace.

Specialities Of The Temple

Special pujas are conducted under the tree, to get married, to be blessed with progeny, job related issues and other obstacles in life. This mango tree is more than 3000 years old, and yields 4 different types of mangoes. The 4 varieties symbolize the 4 vedas.


Ranging about 40 acres, this vast temple stands a sign of the Pallava, and Chozha architecture. Krishnadevaraya built the 172 feet high gopuram of this temple. 


Wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati is one of the important festivals in the temple. This takes place during Panguni, the Tamil month that ranges between mid March to mid April. This is one of the temples that attract a huge amount of tourists.

Why This Place Is Recommended For Vrischika/Viruchigam/Scorpio Sign Natives?

One has to connect the dots why this place is recommended for the Scorpio or Vrichiga natives. These natives are under the influence of the planet Mars, which is closely connected to land related factors as per astrology. Again, Ekambareswarar temple is a temple for the element of Earth. Mars, according to Hindu astrology is the son of Earth. So, you would know how the dots are connected.


Morning: 6 Am To 1230 Pm
Evening:  Pm To 8.30 Pm

How To Reach

To reach the temple is easy, as too many buses are available from Chennai to Kanchipuram. Even as you enter the town, you can see the temple tower. The trains are also available from Chennai Beach and Park stations to Kanchipuram. One can also board trains from Tambaram and Chengalpattu.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Tiruttani Subramanya Swami Temple | Tiruttani Temple For Thula/Libra Rasi Natives | Tula Rashi Temple


One of the Six Abodes of Lord Muruga is Tiruttani. Subramanya Swami is how the Lord called here. Interesting stories revolve around this place, and this is the temple ,Thula natives should visit this temple to get all their wishes fulfilled. Situated on a small hill near Tiruvallur, this temple  is  often flocked by devotees with kavadi. This is a structure that resembles a balance, which is also the sign for Thula or Libra natives. When one has long pending wishes to be fulfilled, worshipping the Lord here can clear them off all the obstacles and the wish is showered on them. After fulfillment of the  prayers, the devotees bring balance like structures filled with milk , sweets, flowers, coconuts or any item of their choice here as a token of gratitude.


Historically there are lots of stories connected to this place. When Lord Muruga wanted to marry SriValli, he sought the help of his elder brother Lord Ganesha. The elephant god took the form of the elephant and chased SriValli. Terrified she ran only to be rescued by  Lord Muruga. They got into love eventually and ended up as happy couple here. It is also said when Lord Muruga was denied the mango, he went to Palani Hills as an ascetic in anger. Later looking for peace, he reached Tiruttani, and hence the name. Ttani means anger getting subdued. Once the sage Narada took a mango to Kailash and offered to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gave it away to his sons, only to be stopped by Narada that the fruit should be consumed only by one and not to be shared. So, a competition was conducted to give it away as a prize. The competition was one has to go round the world and come back to Kailash. The winner would get the fruit. Lord Muruga flew off in his peacock, while his brother Lord Ganesha circumambulated his parents, calling them his world, and won the fruit. This irated Lord Muruga and hence the hills stand a mark.

Interesting Fact

There are also legendary stories that Lord Ram worshipped Lord Muruga here to get rid of Brahmahathi Dosha  which he acquired by killing Ravana. Also, Arjuna worshipped here when he moved towards South India for a penance.

Special Day

Krithika star falling in Tamil month of Aadi (between mid July to mid August) sees thousands of devotees flocking to this temple carrying the flower Kavadis or balance. Thula natives can visit this temple during their individual stars and offer lamps. It is also seen that on the December 31st devotees in huge numbers lighting camphor on all 365 steps of the temple and praying for a blissful new year. Though it is a new custom, devotees believe that the Lord will ensure them a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

How To Reach

The temple can be reached from Chennai Koyambedu bus stand. There are numerous buses from Tiruvallur.  Lort of Local and express train play between Chennai and Tiruttani. Tiruttani is also close Tirumala Tirupati, so you can pay the visit Tiruttani once you finish the Tirupati visit.

Opening & Closing Timings

The temple is open from 6 Am to 9 PM.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Karkadeswarar Temple Thirundudevankudi - Lord Shiva Temple For Cancer/Kataka/Karkataka Rasi Natives


Thirundudevankudi near Veppathur in Thanjavur district is where the Karkadeswarar temple located. Kataga or Cancer natives can be relieved from problems in life by visiting this temple. This is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Linga here is a Swayambumurthy, which means it is not installed by anyone, but existed naturally. While it is for all the Kataga natives, people born under Ayilya star should visit this temple for sure. It is said that people born under this star are short tempered, owning to which they might face lots of problems in their lives . Also, these people have different characteristics. They would be very active at times, and very lazy at times. They love jewelry and luxury. They are also can be called spendthrifts. Here, Lord Vinayaka is called Karkadaga Vinayaka. Placement of Kethu planet decides a lot of things for these people. Lord Vinayaka is the Lord of this planet. So worshiping him here, can help Kataga or Cancer natives a lot to cross the obstacles.


This temple is called by localities as Nandu koil, which means crab temple. The sign of Kataka/Karkataka Rashi/Rasi is the crab, and hence the name. The name of the place is derived from the fact, that Lord Indra worshipped God Shiva here. There is a moat closer and the temple is amidst the paddy fields. Once Lord Indra wanted to worship God Shiva here with 1008 lotus flowers, and asked Varuna to create 108 flowers each day. One flower went short every day. When Lord Indra kept a close watch, he saw a golden crab moving the flower from water to the Sanctum Sanctorum. When he was about to hit the crab, it disappeared in the hole on the Shivalinga. From then on, God Shiva here was called as Karkadeswarar. The crab was none other than a Yaksha who troubled sage Dhurvasa and ended up with a  curse to turn into a crab. Still the hole and the crab marks are seen on the deity when ablutions are performed.

Interesting Info / Speciality 

Tracing back centuries, this place was called Aushada Vanam. Lord here was called Aushadalaya. Aushad means medicine. This place had been a dispensary. God Shiva transformed into an old man and cured a King from a deadly disease. And he is called Arumarundu Deva. The goddess is called Arumarundu nayaki.

Tips For The Visit

Natives of cancer sign or Kataka rashi are advised to light sesame oil lamps in this temple, on Ashtami. They can also worship God Shiva on Tuesdays, New Moon days, and Saturday. Also on the star of Ayilya.

How To Reach

It is closer to Thirumangalakudi near Kumbakonam. It is 8 KM far from Thiruvidaimaruthur.


The temple is open from 9 Am to 1 PM and 4 to 7 PM. No options for boarding and lodging are available here, hence be prepared when you visit this place.